The BigHead5K Challenge has something for everyone: muddy mounds, tube crawl, log carry, bucket brigade, hay jumps, cargo climbs, running , crawling, climbing and much more.  It’s a great way to build long lasting memories, see how well you can complete our obstacles and enjoy some friendly competition between friends and family.


This year’s run will cause you to challenge yourself more than you ever have before. BigHead5K is committed to challenging athletes in new ways mentally and physically. There will be new challenges and obstacles that will make this year’s run even more fun than the last.


BigHead5K prides itself on being an anthem to teamwork.  It is near impossible for a participant to complete our run alone.  Get a team and as you race alongside your friends, family and fellow athletes – you’ll be brought together in a new, muddy way. Your friends will cheer you on as you conquer some of BigHead5K’s most challenging obstacles. And when you pass the finish line, you can look back at all that you’ve conquered.



13 thoughts on “BigHead5K

  1. are you having another mud run? when will it be? will there be discounts if we pay early?
    please update this site if you are.

    1. Yes ma’am we are. We are not quite ready for early registration, but we will have an early bird special again this year. Please check back here, and also checkout as the bighead5k challenge is just one of many great events that day.

  2. What is the difference between survival or warrior?

    1. Warrior is the competitive level, survival is folks that simply want to finish it.

  3. Good morning,
    I would like to know more about this event. Is this an individual event or do I have to have a team of four. And you bet I’ll be interested in the early bird registration.
    Thank you,
    Dan Smith

    1. This challenge has some obstacles that you need teammates. That being said, a large portion of the course can still be done as an individual, so you certainly can sign up and run. It would still be very challenging for an individual. Last year we had a 2-man team sign up in Warrior (competitive), and although they did an outstanding job, they could not quite conquer to complete course with 2 people. We encourage you to come check it out, it will be a blast either way, as we are having our town festival with beergardens, live music, and PRCA after the 5k is over.

      1. Sounds cool I have a team of four. How do I sign up?

  4. Are you taking walk on’s and if so what time do the challenge’s start?

    1. Absolutely. I would come and register by 9:30 or 10 so we can get you scheduled in a flight.

      1. If I want to sign up with a team already signed up how does that work? Just sign up individual and then just join them? In survival website is not the most user friendly to find everything

        1. yea just sign up and be sure you use the same team name and we can sort it out. Sorry bout the website, it could use some improving for sure. 🙂

  5. First time ever running it was this year and I have to say I am impressed. It was everything I didn’t even see coming and would definitely do it again.

    1. Thanks Ernest, considering our budget, we think we have a nice challenging course for folks, to date we have had 443 attempts at the hanging obstacle, and 2 people have managed to cross it.

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