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4th Annual 


Burden, KS

September 9, 2017



The 2017 Big Head Endian 5K Obstacle Challenge (BH5K) is a tough, challenging, team building experience that you do not want to miss and one that you will not forget. We work hard to put the course together for a fun and memorable time. Please know that ALL proceeds from our events are poured back into our hometown for Burden Community Improvement Projects. Thanks to our sponsors and runners, we were able to raise nearly $6,000 in 2016 – and for a small town like ours, that is a very significant amount.

Four years ago, the BH5K simply began as a challenge for area athletes to challenge themselves against a homemade, hometown, muddy obstacle, run-type course.  Today, it has turned into a bigger, muddier, more competitive, much tougher, obstacle course race!  Our race covers a little more than just 5K (we keep adding on, so an exact distance is difficult to determine until we’re finished laying out the course).  Our goal first and foremost, is for this event to be a FUN experience!!  We also hope to continually create an event that appeals to the average athlete as well as the elite and competitive athlete.  We take a great amount of pride in creating each obstacle challenge to maximize the potential of our venue space.  Our mission is to ensure that every participant leaves our event feeling challenged, happy and anxiously awaiting our next one. We want you to join us at this year’s BH5K!  We’re ready…..are you?